Why you need to disinfect your Vehicle?
Most infected locations in car

Recommended ways of Disinfecting


Manual Disinfection using sanitizing sprays and lotions.


Ultrasonic Nebulizer/Atomizer, No manual intervention inside the car

Our Disinfection Procedure

We REMOVE old Cabin Air filter it might contain Dust, Pollen & Bacteria.

We REPLACE CAF with NEW or Fit Cleaned one to avoid Dust, Pollen & Bacteria re-entry, based on Customer Decision

We place our disinfection MACHINE near AC filter box & connected to electrical source

The CAR interior and AC system is clean of harmful bacteria and safe.

We allow the Fume be recirculated for 30minutes.

We Run the MACHINE with AC ON with temperature below 22deg.c in recirculation mode with all doors & Window Closed.

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